Delmar Xavier VII – Street Level Edits Vol. 1

MoFunk Records launches for the first time into the realm of DJ edits with their newest artist, Delmar Xavier VII. This mysterious and elusive character has been rumored to simply be XL Middleton’s alias when creating such edits or working with sample-based material, but this information remains unconfirmed. Street Level Edits Vol. 1 features two brand new edits, “Even Numbers” & “Save My Love,” plus two edits which were previously released digitally, “Time Out” & “I Will Be There,” which feature XL Middleton adding some of his signature synth work to both cuts.

This collection of edits takes 4 obscure boogie tunes, all tracks with great elements, elevated to a higher plane via creative re-sequencing, additional drums, & a little proverbial ‘trimming of fat,’ musically speaking. These aren’t just steroid-pumped versions of tried-and-true dance floor classics; these edits seek to make even more complete songs out of the source material. They’re the kind of edits you don’t have to be a DJ to enjoy.

Street Level Edits Vol. 1 has been given the vinyl treatment with a limited pressing of 250 copies. The digital download is offered for free, no strings attached!