Howard Johnson & XL Middleton – Can’t Get Away From Your Love

Not being able to travel this past year hasn’t been the easiest but it has been manageable while staying creative and focused in other areas until the distraction of realizing that I’ve been missing out on visiting some of my favorite cities and countries. The one thing that has kept me connected to those places and people is of course the music that’s being created that transports me to those destinations to dig on those vibes and surroundings. Obviously one of my favorite places to visit and rock with is of course the City of Angels, Los Angeles so when I get the call from the good homie XL Middleton about his new release, I instantly want to jump on a flight to get a first hand listen right from the lab.

With that said, dropping the needle down on the new single, “Can’t Get Away From Your Love” by Howard Johnson and XL Middleton, I’m already soaking up the Cali sun rays as I listen to the the heavy production by Middleton who never disappoints but when you add the of course, stylish vocals of the legendary Howard Johnson, it’s guaranteed to be a sure shot that needs to be played loud. Boogie side on the A with a Stepper on the flip for this well rounded essential 12″ to get you going.

Dropping June 18th via MoFunk Records