The Traffic – Beat It / Thriller

Over the last 14 months, the pandemic has kept artists and creatives indoors which gave them plenty of time to work on projects that they could unleash at the right time which we’re starting to see from many of our favorites. One of our favorites who we’ve reviewed here at Nostalgia King and have given plenty of spins of in our sets is Melbourne’s The Traffic nicely covers two of The King of Pop classics on a nice double-sider 45.

Just like many great artists, taking on anything that Michael Jackson has worked his magic on is never advised to mess with especially when their titles are “Beat it” and “Thriller” but The Traffic has really come through and worked their magic to do justice and bring new dance floor life to these classics.

“Side A -Beat It – Well I grew up with this track when I was about 14 and its been in my blood ever since. This got the full Traffic heavy treatment with all guns aaaablazing!!  The 80s is back with a funk twist that is fast paced and begs you to get to the dance floor and boogie/sweat your A*** off!!”

“Side B -Thriller- Spooky and funky and sublime !! The Groove on this is an intertwined web of percussion and drums and guitar peppered with Horns and a fat bass line that wont quit!!! Breakdowns are full of breaks and horn riffs everywhere!! I can visualize people on the dance floor doing the zombie dance from Thriller during this song!!”