Chris Lujuan & Electric Butter Ft. Andre Cruz

Let’s just says that 2022 is already off to a stellar f*cking start with independent labels and artists coming out swinging home runs without even trying. Always in the mix of things and never too far away is Chris Lujan who alongside Electric Butter and Andre Cruz continue to up the ante and deliver another essential single before blessing listeners with a their full length LP.

“My Back Hurts” (From Picking Up The Pieces of My Broken Heart) covers all bases sonically and delves into a side of psych with a raw soul aesthetic with vocals that are honest and heartfelt in a manner that we’ve come accustomed to from Andre Cruz. Hearing how Chris Lujan & Electric Butter tie everything together is magical and shows just how serious they take their writing and recording process to essentially deliver something so perfect.

The B-side, “Somewhere Else” is a long ride through the streets taking you across town and over state lines from sun up to sun down with no particular mission on hand just a journey thats filled with joy and excitement and not a care in the world. What better way to spend your time than with music playing and the open road ahead?