Penza Penza – Merman b/w Jaw Drop

Once again Funk Night records delivers another hard as nails double-sided single from Penza Penza, one of the many nom de plume band names orchestrated by what very well be the hardest working musician and composer in the game right now, Misha Panfilov.

The latest single see’s Panfilov stretching his wings even wider to deliver a nice slice of psychedelic madness with “Merman” which is a far out trip sonically that delivers a lot of fuzz and distortion to fit in 4:12 but he pulls it off lovely. On the flip side, “Jaw Drop” ventures out into Garage rock territory with an upbeat foot stomping, fist swinging, head rocking gem that had us bouncing off of the walls as soon as we dropped the needle down. We’ve asked before, what can’t Misha Panfilov do and we’re still tryin to figure out that answer. As of right now, his batting average is a perfect scoring with the number of releases that he’s been involved in over the last few years while building up a very impressive catalog that’s becoming rather essential for any collection.