Alexander Korostinsky – Bones of God

The heavy sounds of Turkish Psych with the very appropriate drum break perfectly placed at the right time is all that we need and it’s hook, line and sinker on the debut single by Alexander Korostinsky. Known for his work on The Black Stone Affair LP along with Whatitdo Archive Group, Alexander turns out a masterpiece with his “Bones of God” b/w “Altin Maske” that shows his strong musicianship and talent that crosses over into territories to create something amazing.

Korostinsky gives a loving nod to the sound of 60s and 70s Anatolian Psych Rock all while staying true to his unique songwriting style and recording approach. On the A side is “Bones of God”, a psychedelic Turkish-infused cut featuring an electric saz and sitar dancing across tape-y drums and his distinctive bass playing. On the flip side, “Altin Maske”, a hypnotic exploration into Korostinsky’s mind as a solo artist– think a Turkish David Axelrod and you’ll be set. “Altin Maske’s” twists and turns guide the phased out drums and electric saz into a beautifully psychotic meltdown.

Meticulously recorded and produced entirely on a Tascam 388 by Korostinsky at his own Archive Group Studios, this 45 is imbued with Korostinsky’s love of analog recording production and vintage records. One listen and you’ll notice that these songs are begging to be sampled and are a must have for any serious crate-digger. If this first release is any indication of what we can expect from Korostinsky in the future, then we are excited to see where he takes us next.