The Sextones – You’re So Fine B/W Cowboys To Girls

Making their debut on Record Kicks, Reno Nevada’s The Sextones deliver a pair of amazing covers which will surely pique interests from DJ’s a music lovers alike.

Covering classic songs can go one of either two ways, you can either nail it and do justice to the original while making it your own or you can totally fumble the ball. I’m especially iffy when songs are nostalgic for me in some way especially when it’s a song that you grew up hearing from as long as you can remember. Songs that you’ve heard being played in your house, Saturday evening radio shows or at the family BBQ which is the case with the new single by The Sextones who have nicely covered one of my favorite songs off all time and a Philly staple, “Cowboys To Girls” originally by The Intruders. This is how it should be done when covering something that is already perfect while bringing it to the present and making it something that’s ready to get plenty of spins at your soul night.

Side A features a cover of Northern Soul anthem “You’re So Fine” by Papa Bear and His Cubs, a family band formed in 1963 and fronted by Eddie Disnute Sr. AKA “Papa Bear” and his children “The Cubs”. The cover stays true to the original’s essence—straightforward, intimate and sincere but now also includes silky background vocals from none other than Saundra Williams of the Dap-Kings. It’s enchanting and irresistibly sweet soul music, just the way we like it.

On the flip side, we find a cover of the Philly Soul classic “Cowboys To Girls”. The song was a breakout hit from Philadelphia’s dream songwriting team, Gamble and Huff. “Cowboys To Girls” has shown its staying power over the decades and has stylistically influenced many contemporary artists. The Sextones take the best elements from the best versions and with the recent passing of Philadelphia International’s Thom Bell, the release of this cover is a perfect tribute.