Digging With Dave (Live Convention Special)

This past weekend in Toronto at Live Convention was definitely another year for the books and just as crazy, if not more than previous years of fun, records and memorable moments which I’ll of course be breaking down in several different posts over the next few days so that I don’t overwhelm you guys with record nerdom.

Saturday afternoon following a great brunch with the Cratery homies and DJ Mr. Thing, Chad $, and Jake One and myself ¬†headed over to Dave Haffner’s Airbnb to check out what records he brought over from the West Coast for the weekend to sell. Of course when there’s records to be had, the homie Todd Shima is there and as expected, nothing but rare and essential heat from box to box. From modern soul to sweet soul, gospel to funk and everything in between with the cleanest conditions possible. Talk about overwhelmed with wanting everything possible! It was hard to contain any emotions as the needle dropped down on the portable as records played and eye’s went wide.

If this was the start of what the weekend was to hold then we were all in for a treat even if our bank accounts didn’t want to agree with our spending habits. Luckily the Canadian dollar to US dollar conversion worked in our favor making it that much easier to buy what caught our eyes.