Mush Tone Ensemble – Walking On The Grass

The compelling sense of vulnerability you get from walking barefoot on the grass connecting with the earth is аn immersive experience. It opens you to the energy within, walking at your own pace, appreciating where you are, comprehending the impenetrable mystery of life within and around you. It settles you into a restful state of mind and expands your awareness.

Recorded live on all analog tape in Hämeenlinna, Walking On The Grass is the first album by Mush Tone Ensemble. There is a sense of elation in this music as the trio search for tranquility in one voice, speaking the unfettered language of everyday realities. It is music played with commitment and unassuming passion.

The spirit of friendship and invention you hear is liberating. Juha Sarkkola plays with an open heart. His bouncy drumming has determination and immaculate attention to detail. Tero Kemppainen’s pronounced and submerging bass structures create musical affinity. Tuure Tammi’s trumpet and flugelhorn provide pure and naked emotions, melodic and captivating. Together the trio is celebrating the joy of living, of being here on this earth and feeling free, like walking on the grass.