Digging OG Press Magazine Issue #1

If you haven’t already done so then I highly recommend you picking up the first issue of OG Press Magazine and adding it to your magazine collection. The first issue is filled with great content which includes great interviews with MC’s and R&B artists that you should on your radar, producers, top 10 lists of rap and R&b albums to get familiar with, art (including at great Basquiat story), record culture which I had the pleasure of contributing an article on “Searching For Yours, A New Way of Digging” was well as being interviewed in the debut issue. 90 pages of top content in print which we haven’t see in quite sometime covering these types of topics and artists. Don’t expect the cliche’ of what you’re finding on all of the blogs, this is for those who really dig deeper and searching for things outside of algorithm.

Grab your copy at https://ogpressrecords.com