Chubb Rock & Tufkut – Still Here

First let me start out by apologizing to you, the reader for being late to the party on something that I should have already been in the know of but when it comes to timeless music, there is not wrong time to make a proper introduction and debut. Recently the homie Mac McRaw hipped me to a new Chubb Rock tune that kinda blew my mind and one which still carried a traditional 90’s sound but in a very refreshing way for 2024. This new track, “Still Here” is indeed a nod to those who remember yesterday and are still living in the present and enjoying that quality golden era Hip Hop sound that we love so much.

Brought to life and presented on 12″, “Still Here” is produced by none other than Tufkut, a staple name and DJ on the UK Hip Hop scene that hold’s it’s weight amongst underground greats. Tufkut strung together a wickedly produced, sample heavy banger that gets the head nodding and shoulders bouncing while giving the screw face which let’s you know just how serious it is. Lyrically correct, Chubb Rock came through and sounds as fresh as ever while Tukfut slice and dices vocal soundbites left and right.

As if that wasn’t enough for a 12″, Tufkut enlisted another veteran lyricist with the likes of New Jeruz great, El Da Sensei with “Style Talk” which delivers styles upon styles upon style is what it has! It’s been way too long since we’ve heard this type of proper Hip Hop 12″ and even longer since we’ve packed one in our bags to rock at a gig but that all changes here.

We’re giving this one two thumbs up with the essential seal of approval and highly recommend you grab doubles of this Hip Hop sure shot from across the pond.