Sauce! (Chicago)

We’re always excited when one of the DJ homies kicks off a new party that has the potential to be something amazing, especially when all of the inner workings and Cogswell cogs are in place and operating smoothly. It’s never an easy task to try and do something new, but when you’ve been at it long enough, you kind of just know what works and how to present it in a special way. Chicago is one of our favorite cities and without a doubt, Soul Summit was one of the absolute best parties not only in the city, but globally which carried the torch for funk & soul 45 nights. Sadly, after a long stretch of nights the party came to an end which left open a void in Chicago nightlife that surely to be filled.

But fear not, enter Sauce! A new night from Mo Manley, one of the creative minds behind Soul Summit which loosely carries on the legacy of Soul Summit as a spin-off in a sense to bring the good people of Chicago something reminiscent but new and original which kicks off this Saturday in a major way. Sauce! kicks off at Chop Shop and will feature special guest DJ, Rich Medina to help launch things with Yukiko and Mo Manley opening things up. The night is definitely dedicated to good music lovers and dancing and will focus on Funk, Soul, Disco, Jazz and Latin in a strictly vinyl setting.

Your Saturday night has just been sorted so do not snooze on this highly recommended event!