Soul Summit Celebrates 13th Anniversary

When it comes to true to the core funk and soul nights here in the states, there are really only a handful of long standing nights that have been constant over the years of pushing their brand while remaining faithful to its musical foundations. While many nights over the years have teetered off or changed formats, Chicago’s Soul Summit continues to pack dance floors while residents Sloppy White, Mo Manley and Duke Grip serve up a healthy assortment of raw funk and soul stirring 45’s to their audience. Over the years the party may have switched venues but the quality and product remains the same and this year they celebrate 13 years deep of blessing Chicago fans at their current home base, Empty Bottle.

I’ve had the pleasure of playing the night quite a few times over the years and it remains a highlight of my career to play alongside these gentlemen who remain dedicated to the sights and sounds that they’ve helped to preserve in the city. If you’re in or around Chicago on Saturday February 4th, then this is the place to be! Stop by and help them celebrate by packing the floor and screaming as loud as you can every time a tune gets played that you love.