M5K – Absolutely Real EP

I do my best to stay on top of releases as prior to or as they begin hitting record bins world wide but from time to time in the shuffle of keeping up, something gets past me. After all, this is a one man show wearing multiple hats while maintaining life outside of the music world. One release that did passed me by like that chick on the Pharcyde record is the instrumental workings of Melbourne’s M5K but luckily for me, the guys over at Hobo Camp¬†must’ve known that I needed it. While working in the office, 99% of the time I’m listening to instrumentals to relax the stress of sending / responding to emails and “Absolutely Real EP” has been on steady rotation.

“Absolutely Real where G-Funk, Modern Funk, Boogie, House, and Hip Hop all intersect to give you the most bang imaginable (via real synthesizers and drum machines). West Coast Lead Lines meet Detroit Sub Bass Frequencies; Raw Drum Machine Stabs Snap and Crack while Lush Chords flow from Analog and Digital synths. Ultimately, deep vibes are created, arranged, and mixed down into undisputed dance-floor bangers, making real thick and juicy jams for the ears and bodies of party-goers. The “Absolutely Real” EP on Hobo Camp Records bangs out 5 tracks of Raw Street-Level business (featuring Midnight Runners on the track “Let’s Try It Out”), straight from M5K’s Melbourne Studio right to your sound-system.”

Instruments used: tr808, SCI Drumtraks, Oberheim DX, Roland JV1080, JX 3P, JX8P, Juno 106, Juno Alpha, Fender Rhodes MK1, Polymoog, RE 201, Tascam Portastudio

If you love the sounds of these machines, then give the EP a listen!