Buddy Hank & The Shrine Band – Try Your Love

There are a lot of releases hitting the bins these days ranging from the “oh shit, I gotta have that” to the “why is that being reissued or is it really a bootleg!?” so keeping your crates filled with quality over quantity is always important. One label that that never fails with the releases is DJ Sigher’s Super Disco Edits who always seems to pull rabbits out of hats and unearthing a slew of mighty tunes.  The latest sure to be a collectors favorite comes from Buddy Hank & The Shrine Band with “Try Your Love”, another unreleased sure shot ready for the dance floor.


“Well how do you follow up Young and Companys smash hits on Brunswick records. Pretty hard I hear you say. After the best seller “I like what you are doing to me” the group carried on talks with the heads at Brunswick. There was a stale mate on contract details and buddy hankerson decided to shelve the few demos he had recorded with his new group Buddy Hank and The Shine Band. We grabbed the reels from his brothers place on the East Coast and thought we couldn’t miss the opportunity to get them transferred and hear what was on them….We wasn’t disappointed!!” – Super Disco Edits