Unbanned – The Legend of Air Jordan 1

I’ve always been a fan of Michael Jordan but never cared much for the Air Jordan shoes, but as a collector a collector I’ve always loved the initial hype surrounding the the footwear, his campaigns with Spike Lee and of course to see what he would wear on the court that game. It was a great time to be a sports and sneaker fan during its debut years and seeing things unfold first hand but with many things in this world, over hype and “Johnny come lately” types flock to a brand and with that comes the mass hysteria of something like its new and with a countless number of reissues being released, I could care less about the shoe itself.  But one thing I will always love is history and we’ve been waiting on a proper documentary to cover Jordan and the phenomena which finally seems to be be getting the light of day with the new “Unbanned – The Legend of AFJ” documentary which covers everything that we need to know about the brand.