Pratt & Moody and Cold Diamond & Mink – Words Words Words

Holy macaroni Batman, new soul 7″ from the label that consistently drop must essential crate must haves of all flavors, Timmion Records.  The latest label release, “Words Words Words” comes via the soulful vocals of Pratt & Moody who are following things up from their debut “Lost Lost Lost” on the Stylart subsidiary which gained favorable attention and was originally thought to be a forgotten oldie. On Words Words Words, the vocal / guitar duo once again enlist Cold Diamond & Mink to provide a dose of grade A soul music for your listening pleasure.

Not breaking the spell of tautology started with the first 45, “Words Words Words” picks up the tempo from ballad territory into the beat heavy group soul category. The pulsing drum track is laced with majestic horn riffs, tremolo guitar, penny arcade organ, and over everything hover the beautiful lyrics by Pratt and his mysterious harmony singers.