Instant Karma! – Give Me Freedom

Sunflower Soul Records shifts gears on their big rig with the latest 7″ release from Instant Karma! and one thats tough on the drums with a heavy Psychedelic funky soul approach.  Surely one of those 45’s for DJ’s who brave going deep in their sets and can work magic on the dance floors to an open eared audience.  Self-described as “A drug trip through the soul section of your local record” and that’s a perfect way to put things in context.

In 2018, music with a message is needed more now than it has been in the last 20 years and “Give Me Freedom” is a powerful social statement where the drums run on in an effort of escapism connecting to the open break which is surround by and chocked full of reverb-drenched guitars, spacey tape-echos, double-tracked lead vocals and a trip sitar break-down. Flip the disc over and the B-side rides in with the gospel-tinged “Shine On” delivering an uplifting message while showcasing a bit more tender side of the band with luscious vocal harmonies and a feel good groove.

A solid outing and debut from this young band on the label and one that we’re looking forward to hearing more from in the future.  Head over to to see what’s cooking with Instant Karma!