Vanderslice – The Best Album Money Can Buy

I’m just gonna put it out there, Vanderslice is top 5 modern / current producers out there turning out beats harder than washboard abs that’ll permanently leave your face scrunched from the utter disrespect from his method of chopping and flipping samples. His latest release and full length LP, The Best Album Money Can Buy is exactly what he’s banking on when you drop the needle down.  On this outing he’s flown in a few heavy hitters including Ghostface Killah, Conway, Evidence, Prodigy and Slug to name a few to handle mic duties and the flows don’t disappoint.

Going all out on this 10 cut deep project thats pressed to a diamond picture, Vanderslice spared no expense on talent or presentation. Salty about all of your favorite rappers projects of late being subpar? Then invest in that new Vanderslice business, he’s sure that Bill Gates couldn’t agree more.