Gee Bag – Foreigners

The key with being a DJ and playing music different than your counterparts is always keeping your ears open and knowing how to navigate a lane that is uniquely your own which includes making and breaking records which has always been the DJ’s #1 job. With few still living by that modo of breaking records and opting to play what’s currently in favor or trend, we still believe in selecting gems that are on the left while pushing them right which is the case with the new “Foreigners” 45 by Gee Bag. Proper sounding UK Hip Hop at it’s finest that transcends over the UK and can stand tall against any major market that’s producing choice quality Hip Hop.

“The original track matches a laidback guitar riff with Gee Bag’s unique style of storytelling and a narrative in which he explores the experience of being a foreigner and facing prejudice and racism without losing his flair. The Sam Krats remix takes the track up a notch with an added energy supplemented by Krats’ trademark atmospheric soundscapes.”

-Mark under essential and should find it’s way into your sets of heavy rap 45’s and streaming sets!