Tape Tuesday – Jazzsoon “11 Stigwood Ave. Brooklyn Heights”

It’s always a beautiful day when the homie Jazzsoon drops one of his beat tapes dedicated to a particular theme or subject. From his “Taxi” cassette dedicated to the TV series of the same name with original theme composed by the legendary Bob James to his “84 Doctor K” cassette giving props to the the world renowned New York Mets Hall of Famer, Dwight Gooden this guy captures his subjects and turns them into works of art. His latest release and an ode to “10 Stigwood Ave. Brooklyn Heights” takes things back to the old neighborhood while taking a cue from the smooth elevator Jazz sound of the Cosby Show to create the highlighted soundtrack. Presentation is everything so there are even soundbites and skits from the TV series intertwined while cover art designed is laced with the fly Coogi nit sweater to make everything super official.