Revitalizing The Lost Sounds of TCS

Over the last few years, there has been a heavy concentrated effort by labels to unearth and preserve past record labels and artists musical works that have fallen into obscurity over time for many reasons. Most of these labels haven’t been in operation in 40+ years and often times the original owners are no longer with us, master tapes are presumed to be destroyed or they aren’t seen as something of value.  But here at Nostalgia King, we do our best to preserve culture or at at least spread the word on others who are doing the efforts to do just the same. Recently, record store Brewerytown Beats owner Peter Maxwell Ochester has been digging deeper into the rich music history of Philadelphia artists and labels and has come up with some interesting finds, one being the Gospel label TCS.

So in an effort to try and bring the label back to life, some of the labels catalog, they are hoping to remaster and re-release as many tracks as possible with the help of the DJ’s, record collectors, music lovers and the public. So here’s what they’re asking you to do. Go to check out the music, then head on over to iTunes or any other source you prefer for DL music.. and BUY at least One (1) song for 99¢. This is a completely organic way of doing things without using the typical method of starting a gofundme page and lets the consumer choose which songs are touching them most.  Be sure to follow their Instagram page @tcsgospel as well. Hopefully in due time we’ll see a few 45s or even a compilation album hit the bins in the future.

Here’s a few tracks from their expansive catalog