Ben Pirani – How Do I Talk To My Brother?

We’re loving that some of our favorite artists who were previously releasing music only on 7″ have stepped into the lane of delivering full length LP’s and giving the people even more to be excited about. The 7″ is great for when you wan’t to hear specific song but there’s something about dropping the needle down on an album and letting it ride out while you tend to other things around the house on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  One of our favorite soul gents who has been making plenty of noise is Ben Pirani who is set to release his debut album on Colemine Records and it’s a gem. “How Do I Talk To My Brother?” is 10 cuts deep of beautiful magic and a sound thats mesmerizing and takes total control of your soul.  If you’re not hipped to Mr. Pirani then we highly suggest you do so now.

Head over to to hear the full album.