The Gripsweats – Gripsweats Theme b/w Intermission

There are a few labels here in the states that are knocking the releases out of the park with grand slams and Colemine Records is one of them.  With a very diverse lineup of artists and sounds gracing their catalog, they’ve got something for everyone. One of three to make it’s pre order debut this week comes from The Gripsweats with a cool double sider featuring “Gripsweats Theme” b/w “Intermission” we all hear things in different ways but as soon as I dropped the needle down I couldn’t help but to hear tunes that could very well be featured on any number of my favorite TV shows from the 60’s and 70’s especially those in the detective and cop genres from over in the U.K.  Funky instrumentals that make for great library’esque cues and worthy to be plaid extra loud as a night starter or when winding things down before the lights come on.

Head over to for a sample of the goods.