Insólito UniVerso – La Candela del Río

Keeping up on all of the great new music that’s being released all across the globe is a difficult and challenging task. But luckily for me being a traveling DJ and fortunately knowing the right people in the right places, I get exposed to and have a chance to sample some of these delights that are being delivered from the pressing plants to records bins with care. As music is meant to be shared and you obviously have good taste in music that you follow us here at Nostalgia King, we do our best to keep you hipped to what’s new and should be on your radar of interest.

Coming in from our friends at UK based label Olindo Records, is a beautiful slice of international flavors from Paris-based Venezuelan quartet Insólito UniVerso with their debut album “La Candela del Río”.  Co-produced by The Heliocentrics’ Malcolm Catto who has a unique ear for sound helps to guide the 8 featured tracks as the band fuses traditional Venezuelan styles, such as joropo, merengue caraqueño, or tambores de San Millán with psych, chanson, and contemporary electronics.  La Candela del Río shows two distinct sides; on the one hand there’s euphoric music that begs to be danced to, while on the other there’s melancholy, mystery and devotion.