MF Doom ft. RZA – Books of War

Similar to the lone wandering swordsman Ogami Ittō the shogun executioner who travels the land with his 3 year old son Daigorō, Butta 45’s is that lone band of swordsman that have been traveling across Germany and Switzerland for 8 years executing sets and selections of funk, soul and reggae 45 to dance floors through both the good and the not as good (because we’ve yet to have a bad night). We’ve come a long way in 8 years and the book that we’ve written along the way is shaping up to be a great novel.

Starting out this Monday in Köln before heading back to Amsterdam for one day then finally making my return back to the 215 to rest, regroup, relax and reflect on the amazing times and people that we’ve rocked with on this last tour. But first a little Monday mood music to get the day started from the likes of MF Doom featuring The RZA with “Books of War”.