Social Lovers – Lover’s Flame b/w The Light

2018 has been a stellar year of releases of varying genres and before the lights go out, there’s quite a few things coming down the pipe that will surely pique your curiosity with the new Social Lovers “Lover’s Flame” b/w “The Light” being one. I’ve been running the test press a lot over the last couple of months especially on the late night side of my gigs which brings a very hypnotic vibe that’s taking the dance floor to another space and place.

“Lover’s Flame” is a mixture of street funk and freestyle, evoking classic 80s NYC synth feels, accompanied by Doherty’s playful vocals. “The Light” channels soulful garage house feels, and keeps the vibe sensual, spiritual, and heavy. A true dance 12″ with an additional “Instrumental” version of the A side, and “Keypella” of the B side, DJs are already banging these tracks out on systems worldwide.”

“Led by head-producer Matty P, and the sultry voice of Megan Doherty, Social Lovers are a collaborative group that sprung up from the desert of Phoenix, Arizona and soon to spread to both coasts. Now with their core members sharing home-bases in both New York City and Los Angeles, their smooth sound is best defined as ‘street funk with a splash of class”.