Emilia Sisco and Cold Diamond & Mink

New soul 45 heat alert coming in to warm these winter months up via Helsinki Finland’s Timmion Records. Adding onto their catalog of serious soul tunes, their latest features the debut of singer Emilia Sisco backed by the sounds of Cold Diamond & Mink. The blues roots grow surprisingly deep in the Finnish music scene and “Don’t Believe  You Like That” showcases her strong background in fusing blues, r&b and jazz, while melting nicely into the dark soulful grooves of this phenomenal single.

“In “Don’t Believe You Like That” Emilia sets herself into the role of a mistreated lover, who still tries to see a speck of hope in the doomed relationship. By dubbing herself, and accompanying the lyric with graceful harmonies, she succeeds in building a powerful beat ballad, that should appeal to the darker end of the dance floor. There’s a special lane in history for soul music this understated. It’s cool and intimate at the same time, like there’s something dangerous lurking under the surface. So roll up something nice, if that’s your thing, and hop along for the ride.”

Available via https://timmionrecords.bandcamp.com