Top 10 DJ Charts February – Greg Belson

Greg Belson delivers his February DJ charts featuring choice picks of nu beats and vintage OG’s as they were featured on his 45 Live Radio Show broadcasting on every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.
1. Zed Bias & DJ Spinna & Fyza – FWD&BACK (Biasonic)
2. London Elektricity – Syncopated city revisited (Lonestar)
3. Saturday Player Meeting – The dawn breathing (Mahbie remix) (Sound Channel)

4. Mighty Travelneers – Liar (Florentine)

5. Skinny Pelembe – Spit/swallow (Brownswood)
6. Eugene Gaspard – Holding on (Rosemont)
7. MHE – 008 (No Label)
8. Juan Amalbert and his Band – Shake a lady (Golden Earth)
9. Chances – People wake up before it’s too late (Finch)
10. Delanattes – You’ve got that felling (Shakira)