Mukatsuku Presents – Eko b/w Georges Ouedraogo

Mukatsuku Records returns with another essential bit of dance floor goodness in their Afro Funk & Disco gems series. The A side features Eko’s “M’Ongele M’Am” licensed from Nubiphone & Africa Seven, a Makossa-fired Afro-disco gem rich in punchy horns, driving Afro-boogie bass, lilting synthesizer lines, Mariachi style trumpet solos and the kind of chant-along vocals that should put a smile on the face of even the most miserable of dancers. Over on side B, Georges Ouedraogo’s “Deni” is an essential Clavinet-happy killer chunk of Afro-funk/Afro-Disco fusion from Burkina Faso.

In an era where labels like Mukatsuku and others are re-releasing great music, there’s no reason as a DJ to stick to the top 50 hits of each decade when playing parties. The labels have done the hard work, now it’s up to you as a DJ to not be scared and actually do what the DJ is supposed to do, break ground!