Keeping In Time

One of the things that I love about playing funk & soul 45’s besides the fact that many of those songs are only available on that format but it’s the challenge of multitasking. Professionally doing your job while keeping in tune with the people on the dance floor and making sure that they’re moving their butts while knowing that you’ve got approximately 3:30 at max of playtime before having to change the tune. There’s a lot going on when playing the format that other DJs who play 12″ or digitally have much more of a luxury to enjoy while dancing around with their hands in the air, scrolling down playlists scratching their chins and thinking about what to play next, running to the bar for a drink or taking a bathroom break. When I’m in the mix, I’m usually 3 or 4 songs ahead in my head and mapping out my next needle drop to make the experience on the dance floor a unique one and never do I create a “set” or a strung together playlist to read off of.