DJ Format – Saturday Night Theme

DJ’s who do more than just DJ are always the most interesting and creative type of artist in the field. The way they string records together for the dance floor with highly knit blends of genre bending sounds in almost a remix like way shows something about their sensibilities as a producer as well. They say that DJ’s make the best producers which isn’t always the case, but when the percentage is correct, some of the finest musical compositions explode through the speakers breaking sound barriers.

One DJ who fits the mold when it comes to blessing dance floors as well as creating sample based tracks is DJ Format, a man who really should need no introduction and is well respected across the board. His latest release fills the void for those who are waiting for his upcoming instrumental LP and takes two new non-album exclusive tracks and delivers them on a nice 7″. “Saturday Night” deliver punchy drums, nicely fit samples and of course soundbites to tie it all together which gives a great head nod 2-step apple while “Freak Show” up’s the tempo for all the Bboys and Bgirls of world as well as those who want to get loose on the dance floor in general.

Big thumbs up to Mr. Krum on the label design (I get what you’ve done there, very nice touch!)

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