Rasco – The Unassisted

In an era where we’ve been getting an influx of golden era classics pressed and released on 45, many of which have already seen multiple releases of varying formats and bootleg edits, and seen as cash grabs, few labels think outside of the top 40 of the era box to deliver b-sides or album cuts which essentially expands DJ’s set lists and includes forgotten gems. Just as the shift from a New York heavy and East Coast focus began to sway to a West Coast movement that pushed the sound of Hip Hop even further, we began hearing what ultimately became crate essentials and underground classics that have withstood the test of time and aged like fine wine.

One label that seems to have their priorities in order when re-releasing music is All Right Fresh who are set to deliver what was once a heavy spin for us on 12″ and now returning for more on 45 with the upcoming single, “The Unassisted” by Rasco off of his Time Waits For No Man LP.  Rasco’s major involvement within the scene was part of the catalyst that helped put independent rap releases on the map during that pre-2K era and proved that much like today, independent labels allow artists the freedom to create and put their best work out front. With production by Fanatic and cuts by D-Styles & Peanut Butter Wolf, this release in 1997 was an instant classic

Twenty-seven years later and still sounding as fresh as the day it was released, All Right Fresh steps in to give this quintessential 12” a fresh look along with updated mastering on a 7” 45rpm. Vocal and instrumental on limited black vinyl with Bay Area themed jacket cover.

Highly Recommended!