Marburg’s Klassik Taxi

For a while now, I’ve been hearing about this incredible vintage 1976 Mercedes Benz taxi that frequents the streets of Marburg and was the créme de la créme of rides in Germany so I knew at some point that I needed to bare witness to it myself. After the Butta 45’s show, we needed to get back home to get some rest in for the following days long journey to Stuttgart and rather than move our car then have to find parking in close to home, Selecta M made the phone call to what was the cleanest Benz 220d that I’ve ever seen!

Klassik Taxi is the service and the gentleman that owns the vehicle takes extra pride in picking up passengers. In a rather small city where public transportation is convenient, it’s easy to walk and there are plenty of “normal” taxi’s but Klassik Taxi is the way to go. The car is a pretty mint, 1976 220d with original paint job, the interior looked as if it had never been sat in and still had the original fare meter that was installed back in the 1970’s. The one thing that really caught my attention was that the driver listens to primarily soul music which. When we got in the car, James Brown’s “Paid The Cost” was playing then went to Rufus Thomas’s “Robot” to Otis Redding then Aretha Franklin. This guy obviously has not only great taste in cars but music as well. The gent was also extremely nice and stopped at the all night kebab spot to wait for our after hour meal before heading home.

It’s little moments and experiences like this that make traveling and touring something else.