Project Gemini – Path Through The Forest

There’s something to be said about a label that has a particular style and sound that they go after when releasing records that lets you know that the label head has an ear and appreciation for a certain sound which is an honestly reflection of themselves. Delights is one of those labels that fit the mold with being consistent in what they release and one that would make for an easy option if ever putting together a best of or greatest hits list.

The labels first 45 of 2020 comes from Project Gemini continues in a long line of psyched out cinematic works that really should be used by some film director or producer out there to enhance their movie.”Path Through The Forest” b/w “The Ritual” connects West London’s Paul Osborne once again with Shuzin behind the drum-kit and Markey Funk on additional keys and production to craft two sides of psych-driven cinematic funk. Inspired by European folk horror, baroque pop and classic Gainsbourg/Vannier works, the new 7inch offers an early peek into Project Gemini’s future debut LP “The Children of Scorpio”. A full length from Project Gemini!? Yes, please. That’s something that we’re highly interested in hearing.

As always get on with the get down and grab a copy before it sell out.