Havana Syndrome – S/T

Cinematic flavors have become all the rage over the last few years with bands crafting and creating scores and bacakdrops that would fit perfectly to some of our favorite heist films, B-movies and exploitation cinema. It’s been an amazing last few years for collectors of soundtracks and especially Library music as these releases fit right into the crates alongside the likes of KPM, Bruton, DeWolfe and others furthing the collectibility of the genre.

Making their debut on the We Stay True label and contributing to the sound of film is Havana Syndrome with a 7″ slice of cinematic soundscapes, Middle Eastern Funk, Jazz and Breaks. Leading the way on this 4-tracker is ‘Pink Mist’, a moody, dark alley funk number laced with electric piano, guitars and flutes, all locked to a razor sharp drum beat. Following things up on the A-side is ‘Minute of Angle’ which weaves piano and guitar atop a bed of stereo percussion.

The flip side is equally as magical with the first needle drop onn ‘Cairo Connect’ which is pure soundtrack business, an Alto Sax vehicle in an erotic maqam scale setting the scene for a tense encounter straight out of a film. Closing out the listen is the guitar and flute laced, up tempo funk of ‘Pea Soup’ which rounds out the complete listen.

As heavy film lovers as well as soundtrack and Library collectors, Havana Syndrome is a win win for the ears and highly recommended.