Seattle’s DUG 2008-2020

I’m always honored to be able to play parties across the globe that have made an impact on their scenes and community from the very beginning and the first needle drop. Over the years there have been great parties that have come and gone while others have come and stayed for quite some time to become legendary. One of those parties that fit the bill and deserve the title of legendary is Seattle’s DUG which was held every first Friday of the month from 2008 to 2020 at Lo-Fi.

DUG’s resident lineup consisted of the quirky cast of 4 deep crate digging DJ’s, Greasy, Christian Science, David James and Jon Francois. Each month they would spin the best in Deep Funk, sweaty Soul, raw Boogie and explosive Disco to a packed house of music lovers and dance floor groovers. DUG was truly an analog DIY operation which is quite obvious from the hand drawn / screen printed flyers to the late night wheat pasting missions across the city to the hand carved signs to displayed their name proudly. Over the years, they’ve invited special guest DJ’s in and I’ve had the pleasure of playing the night several times and it became a second home for our Hot Peas & Butta party where I would join Seattle resident Supreme La Rock and the DUG gang in the booth. Every night was a special occasion but I am truly honored to have been able to celebrate with them for their 10th anniversary party a few years back.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and this month marks the final DUG edition. Here was a party that brought so much joy to people including myself that will no longer be, yet will be truly remembered as something amazing.  Thank you guys for the laughs and great tunes and here’s to more deep digging and record spinning in the near future!

Peep the mini DUGumentary below that was shot back in 2012 when everyone was just a bit younger, baby faced and more energetic and see how the operation all game together from a few likeminded individuals.


DUGumentary from Marcy Stone-Francois on Vimeo.

Hot Peas & Butta + DUG (Seattle) from Chernsicle on Vimeo.