Jazzsoon – Taxi (Midnight Edition)

The homie Jazzsoon never seems to sleep but you can find him sun up to sun bugging out on his social media networks, showcasing beats, digging for records, comics and vintage wares but one thing that I’ve never seen him do is drive a taxi let alone catch one. But he has spent plenty of hours watching old episodes of the classic TV series Taxi to inspire his previously released cassette which is now on vinyl for the first time.

Originally composed by legendary Jazz musician Bob James, Jazzsoon scoured through hours of laughs and footage to grab essential cues and background themes to create the ultimate instrumental tribute to the show that shows a different side of digging in the crates or in this case, digging in the tapes. If you know Jazzsoon and has purchased any of his previous tapes, then you know this is a must own for the collection.