Tall Black Guy – We Rollin’ For You

To celebrate and remember the life of the late DJ Devastate, Coalmine and Sweden’s Counterweight Records have partnered with gifted producer Tall Black Guy for the release of, “We Rollin’ for You,” his stunning and lush new single hat serves as a tribute to the memory of our friend.

As it happens, Devastate and TBG were actually discussing a collaboration a week or so prior to the Swedish artist’s passing in March 2018. While they sadly never had the opportunity to work together, TBG felt compelled to produce something that he felt captured Dev’s spirit. In doing so, he created the absolutely flooring and beautifully layered “We Rollin’ for You.”

The track is bursting with life, stellar percussion, hypnotizing vocals, and two special live elements, guitar and sax, that really bring the composition home. The release is further complemented with two equally wondrous remixes, produced by Devastate’s close friends and creative partners, Max I Million and Ion Zaar, where you can hear how they utilize TBG’s arrangement and flip it in their own unique ways.

A special medley-style remix only appears exclusively on the vinyl version of “We Rollin’ for You,” while the separate versions will be available digitally. The vinyl release is limited to just 500 units, with artwork designed by Sweden’s renown street artist, Delicious Brains. Order your copy today before they’re gone.