Limited Edition The Coffee Break Mugs

Ever since Covid-19 began, artists and creatives have come up with ways to stay connected to the public via live streams, merchandising and other campaigns. Bboy, graff writer and mixologist homie, Teknyc FC has continued to bring great interview series content featuring a mix of artists, DJ’s Bboys / Bgirls and designers to his IG Live to discuss their history, how they’re dealing during the pandemic and more on his show, The Coffee Break.

Being an artist himself, Teknyc stays busing painting custom canvases for customers, has a new t-shirt brand, CYPHA SNIPA and of course, builds merchandise around The Coffee Break with a new limited edition coffee mug that’s available for sale now.

Head over to his IG page @teknyc purchase a mug, t-shirt or to inquire about custom painted graff canvases that would look amazing hung in your home!