Aquasonic Research Society – Soft Cues For Deep Ocean Travels

We love when artists think outside the box from the popular norms and channel something new, sonically to our ears. Expressing ones self through natural sounds is what makes musicians, musicians but taking things a step further by channeling deeper dimensions and taking us to other places. Simply close your eyes and realize that you are no longer on land, but in the ocean for the most peaceful experience one can enjoy while floating and the only sounds that you hear are those that follow coming from latest library themed release by Aquasonic Research Society.

Recorded in the basement of an ex-spring factory building in West Berlin, the new release captures a spontaneous meeting of three creative minds: Jerusalem’s psychedelic groove expert, Markey Funk, and two members of Berlin bass combo X.A.Cute – SunRa Bullock and Wuzi Khan. Stepping out of their comfort zone, the three used the iridescent and bubbly qualities of vibraphone, minimalist electronics and occasional percussion in an improvised one-take session. The result is “Aquasonic Research Society” – 8 pieces of meditative cinematic music, set to take the listener on a deep dive towards the bottom of the ocean – without the dangers of decompression.

Recommended for fans of “underwater library” albums by Alessandro Alessandroni, Amedeo Tommasi, Walt Rockman, and Fabio Fabor.