A Blaxploitation Flashback

During the pandemic, I’ve had plenty of time to go back through plenty of photos, both analog and digital to relive some of the most fun times over the last 20 years of traveling, events and special happenings. One of the most fun nights during those years was having the opportunity to host and throw the screening party for Black Dynamite as it made it’s debut at the Tribeca Film Fest in New York back in 2009.

This was a great opportunity that was put upon my partner, The Elroy Jenkins and myself and we knew that we couldn’t just do the same old “release” party jazz. So instead of just throwing a party in a space, we  kept the theme going and payed homage to the Blaxploitation era as did the film by showcasing a few posters from my collection to bring everything together within the theme of the evening. A gallery feel, with me providing the (what was previously known as) Hot Peas and Butta soundtrack courtesy of dusty old 45’s to a packed house of incredible people that came out to support the event including Black Dynamite himself Michael Jai White, Adrian Younge and the cast were in attendance. What really blew people away were the visuals of original film posters that were framed around the venue which took viewers on a historical ride through a time that no longer exists, yet seems to at the same time.

This was an incredible night indeed and really shows that sometimes you have to go the extra mile with your presentation. Anyone can play records, but to capture the essence of the theme and throw a unique party is something else which is exactly what we’ve always prided ourselves on while doing the HP&B parties as well as the current Butta 45’s nights. Looking forward to getting back into the swing and presenting something for the people.