Tampo – Keumgang b/w Tampomambo

Helsinki Finland has been one of my favorite places to travel to since first going there back in 2007 and continues to be a source of inspiration on many levels but musically, it’s unlike any place else. Over the last 2 decades there have been some amazing music to come out of the country especially on the Jazz side of things and We Jazz Records continues to push forward with ear opening, jaw dropping releases from artists on their label. The latest release by Tampo is a perfect example of exactly what we mean when we say, crate essential and definitely needs your attention.

“Tampo is a mystic sextet from somewhere out of the hustle and bustle of the busy Helsinki scene. They operate on a level of their own, performing latin jazz inspired by cumbia and mambo. This 7” single release by We Jazz Records features two high calibre cuts, “Keumgang” and “Tampomambo”, making this one a solid choice for all lovers of psychedelic music with character.”