Joe Tatton Trio – Stomp b/w Timeline

Whenever we get word from our connect over at Willwork4funk about a release that should be on our radar, we’re always all ears! After all, they are the agency that knows the goods and where to place them so when we got hipped to the upcoming single by Joe Tatton Trio, we turned the speakers up loud and took it all in.

Arriving ahead of his upcoming debut LP “Big Fish” on Rodina Music, the lead single “Stomp” b/w “Timeline” gives us a taste of exactly what we’re in store for and it’s something amazing. Stomp kicks right in and takes us to New Orleans with an open drum break / piano led blues theme that instantly gets the head nodding. To compliment the soundscape, James Taylor Quartet band member Gareth Lockrane beautifully laces the track with a flute in a very Herbie Mann’esque way which is something that we rarely here these days.

“Timeline” is Joe’s spotlight on today’s social media-obsessed society delivered in the style of his musical hero¬†Mose Allison, the legendary Mississippi born/New York based jazz/blues musician and singer whose wry and intelligent lyrics married to amazing original music shone a light on society and the world from the mid-1950s until his death in 2015. Mose was a huge influence one of Tatton’s favorite musicians.

This is the type of 7″ that we love to pack into our bags for gigs. It checks all of the right boxes and makes for a great listen when playing live for an audience for any occasion.

Highly Recommended