The Mighty Mocambos – The Take Off

And these are the breaks!! True school official B-Boy funk band, The Might Mocambos are back like they’ve never left with their latest 45 that shows exactly why they’ve remained one of the top go to outfits on the funk scene. Keeping up with their sound and tradition of bringing it heavy, “The Take Off” will surely be another anthem and heavy spin amongst DJ worldwide. The A-side gives us exactly what we love, thick drums, heavy percussion, blaring horns and psychedelic guitar to tie it all togethers in one complete breakbeat explosion.

On the flip side, Nichola Richards opens things up with subtle chants before we get down MC business with Brooklyn’s own JSwiss who delivers a spoken word poetry verse that glides over a might Mighty Mocambos soundscape that connects internationally for speakers and ear drums of the masses.