El Combo Batanga – Ají Gua Guao

Something heavy for this 45 Friday by way of El Combo Batanga with a heavy Latin Funk 7″ that packs a powerful punch of flavors that’s ready to be stirred and mixed into your club set to start the weekend out right. The new 7″ is a 2 sides of the coin affair providing something special and different on each starting out with “Ají Gua Guao”, a heavy dance floor worker that gets the sweat dripping and really works the room once the drum break drops in. The b-side features “El barrio en la mirada”, a powerful Latin Soul number, with Ale’s vocals shining in a song that explores the experience of being an immigrant in a big city.

El Combo Batanga does an amazing job on their new single of explosive sounds that Afro-Cuban rhythms and Latin Funk which has always been some of our favorite music to spin and with a group of musicians like this, we’re excited to hear what more comes in the future from them.