Saiffa 10 Year Gala (Helsinki, Finland)

Fun times this past weekend in Helsinki celebrating not only the 20th Anniversary of Flow Mo Crew but also the anniversary of their dance school which they opened 10 years ago. The celebration also served as an awards ceremony to honor and celebrate those who have taught there and who have made an impact in the lives of others through their art, dance and creativity. Being honored by your peers is something that needs to happen much more especially in the world of dance and Hip Hop. So many put forth their talents and skills to teach classes and pass on knowledge and history to future generations that will ultimately preserve culture. Seeing each of the winners express their gratitude for winning the awards was very heartfelt so congrats to those involved and of course to the hosts Jussi and Mikko of Flow Mo Crew for putting on the gala.

In addition to me being the musical supplier for the evening, another highlight was having the opportunity to DJ for the Helsinki rap legend, Paleface who absolutely killed his show. It’s been a bit since I’ve had the opportunity to play for an MC of that nature in basically an unrehearsed set been when the vibe is good, everything comes off perfectly.

Until next year!

Photos (c) @Niko Tampio