Harrison Metz – New Life

The world is a large place and although social media has made it so that the once lengthy miles apart has made things seem like it’s only right next door, there’s still so much out there that slips through the cracks but hopefully you’ve got friends in your corner that hip you to whats good. One of those scenarios for us here at Nostalgia King was the introduction of Philadelphia’s Harrison Metz who creates library’esque themes to compliment the ever changing seasons and moments in time.

Already in full motion for 2023, Metz has release two themes so far this year with plans of creating a song or two every month that sort of soundtracks the seasonal changes, highlighting spirituality and nature. “Days Past” is a lament for the bittersweet nostalgia of the past, but also a necessary death, letting go in order to open new doors and imagine a brighter future. “New Life” is the mysterious, meditative representation of not only that new future, but of the new life that blooms in the new year! Definitely for fans of Galt MacDermot, Sun Ra, Madlib, Alice Coltrane, etc. I hope to get funkier with my next ones, trying to carve a lane similar to Bobbi Humphrey, Roy Ayers, like sorta hippie soul that pays homage to our rivers, trees, the sun, etc.

Harrison Metz is creating soundscapes, beautiful instrumentations to be immersed in which make for the perfect backdrops for those moments when you need to escape from the world and soak into a calm, peaceful and tranquil setting that cleanses mind and restarts your senses.