80’s Video Nostalgia

Oh the 80’s, how much we love you quite possibly more than any other era and why wouldn’t we!? Everything about that decade was fun, from the crowded arcades to the Saturday afternoons at the mall and of course, who can’t forget spending what seemed like an eternity looking through the shelves of your local video store trying to find something that you would enjoy watching, all based on the box cover art.  Minus a few select locations across the map, that time has come and gone but there are still those who get to enjoy it like it never left.  We’ve met collectors of all kinds here at Nostalgia King who have built an impressive archive of whatever it is that they may be into, but when you do a complete in-home build out to resemble the very place that many of us can only remember in vivid memories, thats taking it to the next level, and we love that!

Instagram is the connector of the world these days and I’ve definitely come across some great people and especially collectors but recently stumbled across @nostalgia.video who built and incredible VHS video store right in his home with all the extras. Everything from Gameboy handhelds, carded action figures on racks and of course candy.  This super collector has put together a lengthy 35 min video walking you through the entire “store” which gives to you a deep look on how much was put into making this the ultimate set up.