The Getup – Porky Pies b/w The Cracker

One of the luxuries of being an independent artist is being able to work both in and outside of the boundaries without being locked into a long term contract which is common place amongst major labels. Having the freedom to work with other artists and record for other labels is a great way of opening new lanes and spreading creativity to fit a different audience. One outfit thats not stranger to spreading their creativity across the 7″ platform is the U.K.’s The Getup and this time around they record a serious funky 45 for the new Canadian label, Funky Pops Records.

Porky Pies b/w The Cracker is a double the goodness 7″ and one of the best that we’ve heard from the group. The A-side is an uptempo get out on the dance floor that goes from 0 to 60 and back before you know it. Flip the record over and the track opens up with a heavy doubles are a must drum break that opens way for a serious horn riff that makes this quite frankly, a perfectly concocted and well executed funk 45.

Head over to @funkypopsrecords on Instagram to get a whiff of the funk then drop them a line at

You heard it here first!